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Japan has established itself as a top destination for winter sports enthusiasts around the globe due to its consistently deep snowpack, high-quality powder, hot springs, and amazing culture. Don’t miss your chance to experience the authentic Japanese ski experience that’s rapidly disappearing with the increased corporatization of the brand-name resorts.


Take your Indy Pass and see Japan’s Independent side

While the mainstream resorts on the “Japow” circuit are packed with skiers jostling for fresh lines, Indy Pass’s independent Japanese resort partners offer a unique experience and insane snowpack without the huge crowds. Indy Pass resorts are located deep in the interior of northern Tohoku, the next frontier in the “Japow” scene. The region is brimming with cat skiing, world class backcountry, tree skiing, and bountiful sidecountry in addition to temples, traditions, local accommodations, and hot springs that’ll keep you coming back.

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Plan Your Own Trip Or Let Japan Ski Tours Handle Everything

Plan your own itinerary and pick up your lift tickets at the ticket window as you would at any other Indy Pass resort. Or, let our partner, Japan Ski Tours, handle the details. They can help you with accommodations, transportation, sightseeing, translation, and everything in between.

Japan Ski Tours has been specializing in “off the beaten track” ski experiences for nearly a decade and can provide everything from all-inclusive guided trips to white-glove airport-to-airport service to ensure that your dream ski vacation goes off without a hitch. Check out Japan Ski Tours’ 8-Day and 10-Day trip options that are specifically designed for Indy Pass holders.

Your Japan Ski Tours Hosts

Luke Cummings

Raised in the Tohoku region of Japan, Luke has spent nearly his entire life in the land of Japow and has developed a deep understanding of the Japanese language, culture, and people. Monster snowfalls, post-ski onsen outings (with mandatory rolling in the snow) were second nature growing up in the mountains of Japan. Having spent his younger years with Brent going off on adventures all across Japan, Luke revels in the opportunity to now be sharing Japan’s mountains, culture, food, and history with guests from across the globe.

Brent Potter

Born and raised in Japan, Brent spent his younger years on the snowy island of Hokkaido. After graduating high school and departing Japan, Brent spent two years attending an outdoor guiding school in Canada before moving to Denver, Colorado where he skied the great resorts of the Rockies. He’s now back in his old stomping grounds, shredding the gnar gnar. Brent has been a key member of Japan Ski Tours and his humorous stories and epic mountain poses have led to many foreigners leaving Japan with great memories.

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