Tired of Uncertainty? Introducing the "Get America Skiing" Promise

Oct 12 2020
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Let's be blunt, shall we? 2020 has been kind of a suck-fest at times. In most parts of the country, COVID-19 has kept us largely in our homes, many of us working remotely and/or learning how to homeschool on the fly (we weren't supposed to have to remember long division, dammit!) without much outside entertainment.

The good news? Outdoor recreation has been deemed a "low-risk" activity by the CDC, which has made skiers around the world breathe a huge sigh of relief. That means that at a time when we need time to decompress in the great outdoors more than ever, we can do it, as long as we adhere to safety protocols.

Resort Policies are Already in Place
Virtually all resorts around the nation have implemented COVID-19 safety protocols, and Indy Pass resorts are no different. In the West, Castle Mountain Resort in Pincher Creek, Alberta, has instituted their "Good Clean Fun" Promise with a list of well-thought-out new policies, including mandatory masks, enhanced sanitation and shifts in lift line policies to facilitate social distancing. In the MidWest, Granite Peak in Wasau, Wisconsin will be staggering their lessons and rental pickups as well as utilizing RFID technology so there's no need to touch or exchange cards. And in the East, Bolton Valley Resort in Bolton Valley, Vermont is strengthening their wifi network to prepare to give guests up-to-the-minute information on their site daily. And all our other Indy resorts are instituting policies of their own.

The "Get America Skiing Promise" and Passholder Protection
At Indy Pass, we want you to feel secure in your purchase. We believe that all Indy resorts will operate this winter, but there may be some unforeseen restrictions based on shifting COVID-19 policies. That's why we've created the most comprehensive and easy to understand, multi-mountain pass assurance program there is.

Here it is:

If you are unable to use your pass at least three days, you will receive an automatic credit of 20-80% on a pass for the following season.

No questions asked. No notes from your doctor or your mom required. Pass credits are as follows:

If you ski zero days - 80% credit
If you ski 1 day - 60% credit
If you ski 2 days - 40% credit
If you ski 3 days, - 20% credit

And if that's not enough to make you feel safe, our Pass Protection Program should get you there - it allows you to protect your cash purchase for just $20 more. Add it on, and we'll pay you back 100% of your paid purchase price if you are not able to use your pass.*

So if you've been holding off getting your pass out of concern that you might not be able to use it, we've got you covered. If you haven't already, get your Indy Pass today, and ensure that you'll get up the mountain this winter for your daily dose of sunshine and light, fluffy powder. Your mental health will thank you for it.

*Note: Pass Protection must be purchased for EACH pass at time of purchase. Pass usage must be zero days at end of season, April 30, 2021.

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