Indy Pass x Teton Gravity Research Present: In Pursuit of Soul

Indy Pass and TGR (Teton Gravity Research) have teamed up to bring you the story of what it means to be an independent resort in today’s world. In Pursuit of Soul explores the fiercely authentic culture alive in independent resort towns across the country, and in the people that call those mountains home – the true heart and soul of skiing and snowboarding. 

Partnering with TGR has been a great venture for Indy Pass. “TGR is an action-sports powerhouse with the passion and experience to uncover the unique energy and culture of these independent resorts,” said Doug Fish, Indy Pass founder. TGR typically films on big mountains and exotic destinations, but In Pursuit of Soul highlights the media company’s ability to deliver the rich storytelling of independent resorts in a beautiful way.

Classic red chairlift at Magic Mountain – Londonderry, VT

Big corporate ski resorts are pricing out large portions of skiers and snowboarders, making these more affordable mountains even more vital. However, with the global pandemic, skyrocketing real estate prices, and worker shortages, life as an independent operator becomes a lot more difficult. These smaller resorts must remain diligent and scrappy. “At Indy Pass, our mission is two-fold. To give skiers and riders an affordable option to expensive day tickets and to raise the awareness for the amazing experience people get at a small-to-midsize independent mountain,” said Fish. 

One of a kind night skiing – Bolton Valley, Vermont

Keeping skiing and snowboarding accessible is crucial to the success of these independent resorts. Each resort brings something special to the table that makes them their own hidden gems but they all offer smaller crowds, lower costs, and welcoming authentic vibes. Some are rich with stories of generations of skiers and snowboarders, who learned to take their first turns on their slopes. Some are pristine time capsules of calmer and easier times of riding. Some are big regional competitors that simply keep it real. “The passion that goes into running these resorts is felt by everyone who takes the lift up and enjoys the ride down,” said Fish. These resorts give you the purest skiing experience because of their amazing terrain and passion for the sport.

Creating memories at Mission Ridge – Wenatchee, WA

Indy Pass was created with the belief that independent ski resorts have an authentic, mom-and-pop magic that is impossible to find at larger corporate resorts. Independent resorts hold a special place in their communities’ souls, and we want to make that feeling accessible for everyone. 

In Pursuit of Soul was directed by Jeremy Grant, who most recently directed TGR’s latest mountain bike film, ACCOMPLICE. Content will be released October 19, 2021 across TGR’s multi-channel platform including social, web and on the new TGRtv (available for download on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon and most major streaming platforms).

Resorts featured in “In Pursuit of Soul”