Find Your Way at Bolton Valley Resort, VT

Written by Erin Kinz | Edited by Dara Barney

I think I speak for every snow lover when I say that I can vividly recall my first days on a mountain, learning to ski between the legs of my parents. I fell in love with the rush of gliding down a mountain, the bitter cold brushing against my face and the warm fire at the end of the day that gave light to our stories.

That’s what makes our snow community so special, it’s comprised of people that love to challenge themselves and their bodies, while also balancing that need for adrenaline with the grounding sense of family and community.


Return to Your Roots

Do you remember your first days on the mountain? What are the little moments that bring you the most joy? For me, it was most definitely the sense of community, the short lines and the fast runs down the mountain. It was the joy of simply being outside, on the snow, with nothing to worry about but who you would ride up the next lift with. As an adult, it’s even better to get away from the daily noise and find myself in a place like Bolton Valley, VT, to enjoy a nice beverage, incredible views and even better company.

Bolton Valley and its 5,000 acres of beautiful green mountains make up the highest base elevation in the state, ranging from 2,200 feet to all the way to the peak of Bolton Mountain at 3,650 feet. So, if you’re looking for better, deeper snow, look no further. Whether you are a skier, a rider or even a split boarder – Bolton Valley is the place for you.


You can find more than 70 trails, 12 of which are also open for night skiing along with more than 165 beautiful acres of fresh snow waiting for you. Bolton Valley knows the importance of a work-life balance and because of this, is the only resort to offer night skiing in Chittenden County. Could you ask for more?!

If you’re looking for a place to stay that can provide you with warmth and a homey vibe to share stories after a long day on the mountain, you’ll find slope-side condos attached to the base lodge. These condos provide you with ease of access to the mountain for both first chair and last chair riding each day.


Pioneer the Powder

Legend has it that Bolton has some of the best backcountry terrain in the area, for all kinds of snow-goers. That means if the groomed trails are too much easy-riding for you and you’d rather “earn your turns,” there’s no better time to check out the adrenaline-filled experience of riding the backcountry.

In 2018, Bolton Valley Resort launched a new backcountry program complete with beginners clinics, gear rentals, and even day tours. So, whether you’re new to backcountry riding or you’re just looking for a way to improve your skills — Bolton Valley Resort can provide you with an amazing group of expert locals to explore with.


Snow and Serenity

It’s an amazing thing to have the opportunity to get up to the mountain and find an escape from what we consider to be “the daily grind.” I know all too well the struggle of affording a pass to these crazy mountain resorts when all I want to do is get some turns in and share some laughs with people I love. The Indy Pass gives individuals and families alike a chance to explore not only this incredible place here at Bolton Valley, but also a chance to take an adventure to a new mountain only a driving distance away.

Could you picture a better way to spend your weekend than on a mountain with people just like you, looking to experience the serenity and peace that can only be found when you’re gliding down fresh powder? I know I can’t.

Bolton Valley

So, let’s wake up in a new world by spending a night or two at Bolton Valley. Let’s make an effort, together, to share experiences this winter… to enjoy the outdoors and to give back to our local communities… to find ourselves and each other, on the mountain… to spread joy and adventure like our lives depend on it. Let’s start here, at Bolton Valley Resort. I can’t wait to see you on the mountain!


In Good Hands

Bolton Valley Resort is a family-owned and operated local resort that wants nothing more than to provide snow-goers with a beautiful place to find their peace. After having to sell the resort back in 1997, the DesLauriers family repurchased the resort in 2017. You’d be hard-pressed to find a group of people who love the mountain and snow culture more than the DesLauriers family. This is exactly why there is no better place to feel at home than here at Bolton Valley Resort.

With beautiful Bolton Valley regarded by locals as “the place local Vermonters learned how to ski,” you can be sure that you’ll be in good hands. I can’t think of a better place for families to spend time together, either learning how to race down a mountain or simply getting out for a few weekend turns to escape the city.

That’s just what you can expect to feel here at Bolton Valley Resort – a family-owned and operated resort that has been through so many ups and downs, something of a metaphor compared to many of our lives both on and off mountain. To find a place as beautiful and as full of people who simply love the mountain, love the snow and love the community, is something of a challenge these days. So, if you find yourself in Burlington, and you’re looking for some soul and some snow, make your way over to Bolton Valley Resort.

Visit Bolton Valley online and see nearby Indy Pass resorts.