Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort Guide Top 3 Reasons to Visit

Ski Capital of the Midwest

Michigan isn’t exactly recognized as the ‘mecca for snowsports’, but it’s darn close thanks to a collection of hidden gem ski resorts that will make any snowsport lover’s mouth water. Ranked #2 in ski resorts per state, Michigan doesn’t make it easy deciding which resort to visit first. Let’s start with a local favorite, Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort

Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort consistently ranks as a top Midwest resort. The slogan, “Ski Capital of the Midwest” gives you a hint as to why it’s such a popular spot. 17 feet of annual natural snowfall cover over 250 acres of pristine terrain broken up into 45 trails to make sure everyone can enjoy themselves no matter their experience. Combine that with a relaxed mountain vibe, Big Powderhorn is ideal for families and seasoned snow enthusiasts looking to enjoy a nice day on the slopes without painfully slow lift lines and overcrowded lodges. 

Warm up on Back Bowl West

Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort


Reason #1: Picturesque Location

Situated on the border of Wisconsin and Michigan, this Western Upper Peninsula Ski Resort is a snow paradise for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. Big Powderhorn Mountain Resorts’ surrounding areas of Ironwood and Bessemer are home to over 3,000 miles of natural terrain for snowmobile action as well. With access to Michigan’s top-rated waterfalls, the UP is an outdoor oasis for snowmobile, Nordic skiing, and snowshoeing when the lifts aren’t spinning. 


Once you’re on the mountain and ready to start your ski day, the beautiful views don’t stop. Summit lookout’s stretch into the interior of the Western Upper Peninsula gives you a perfect reason to stop and catch your breath while enjoying panoramic vistas.


Reason #2: Ski-in, ski-out chalets

Big Powderhorn Resort offers a variety of lodging options for any visitor to enjoy. We highly recommend grabbing one of the slopeside ‘ski-in, ski-out chalets. Big Powderhorn Resort has a great selection of affordable onsite lodging that is to come by at other top resorts. Make your family and friends’ trip memorable by booking one of these lodges sooner rather than later, as they tend to go quick. 

After a long day on the mountain, nothing beats going out to dinner in Big Powderhorn Resort’s Bavarian-inspired village. Caribou Lodge and Hideout Grill & Bar are cozy and ideal dining options for families looking for comfort after a long day on the mountain. It’s hard to beat a ski resort that makes dining feel as easy as a green circle run.

Big Powderhorn Resort Honeymoon Suite


Reason #3: Road Trip Options

Keep the fun going after visiting Big Powderhorn Resort! Pine Mountain Ski Resort and Granite Peak are premier Indy Pass ski resort destinations only a quick two-hour drive away from Big Powderhorn Resort. 

Driving from Big Powderhorn Resort to Pine Mountain Ski Resort will take you through the heart of the Ottawa National Forest. Located two hours away from Big Powderhorn Resort, Pine Mountain Ski Resort is a great all-in-one resort that will keep your family and/or friends cozy and happy during a fun weekend adventure. Recently, new owners have upgraded the ski hill recontouring, snowmaking, and lifts for visitors to enjoy so it’s the perfect time to visit. 

Pine Mountain Ski Resort, Michigan

Located 2.5 hours away from Big Powderhorn Resort, Granite Peak Ski Area is a hidden gem in Wisconsin. With over 200 acres of terrain and sublime tree skiing, ‘Wisconsin’s #1 Ski Area’ has the highest elevation, 700’ and 68 runs that make it a great resort to add to your road trip. Similar to Big Powderhorn, Granite Peak’s snow-making capabilities allow for over six months of top-notch winter recreation. Being one of the oldest resorts in the country guarantees you’ll enjoy ‘mom & pop’ vibes and staff that treat you like family. 

Granite Peak Ski Area, Wisconsin


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