How It Works

  • How do I use my Indy Pass to redeem lift tickets?

    Once you’ve received a confirmation email that your Indy Pass is registered, you can go to any participating resort ticket window to get a free lift ticket. Just present your drivers license or other photo ID to the ticket agent each time you wish to redeem and they will issue you a day ticket.
  • Is the Indy Pass a physical pass?

    No. One way we are able to keep the price of the Indy Pass so low is that we don't issue a physical pass. Instead, our pass holders simply present photo ID at the ticket window, the resort looks them up in our system, and they are given a lift ticket good for that day.
  • How many free lift tickets can I get with my Indy Pass?

    You’ll receive two free lift tickets at each Indy Pass resort. In addition, you can purchase a third ticket at each resort for 25% off the daily rate.
  • Can I redeem more than one lift ticket per day?

    No, you can only redeem one lift ticket per day per pass holder.
  • After I’ve used my two free tickets, can I buy more at a discount?

    Yes, once you’ve used both of your free tickets at a given resort, you can purchase one additional ticket at that resort for 25% off that day’s rate.
  • Are there any blackouts or days when I can’t redeem a lift ticket?

    Indy Pass 21-22 Blackout Dates
    Click here for blackout dates details and a list of all resorts and their blackout policies which apply to the Indy Pass, Indy AddOn Pass and Indy Kids Pass.

    Note: All Indy+ Passes allow any two days of skiing or riding with zero blackout days.
  • What if I want to ski or ride on a blacked-out or restricted day?

    You can NOT ski or ride on a blackout day unless you’re an Indy+ Passholder. With the Indy+ there are no blackouts at any resorts.
  • Will reservations be required at any resorts?

    To prevent overcrowding on peak days, some of our resorts will be utilizing a reservation system that will limit the number of people allowed on the hill. Indy Pass partner resorts may require advance reservations to be made for day ticket buyers and Indy Passholders and may place a cap of the number of these reservations available by day. It is important to make yourself aware of the lift access policies of each resort you plan to visit well in advance of your trip. If a partner resort requires Indy Pass reservations, it is essential that you follow each resort's specific policies. Our recommendation is to make your reservation as early as possible to ensure that you can ski or ride on the day you choose. If you do so, you’ll be issued a no charge lift ticket per the resort's reservation policy.

    If, however, an Indy Pass holder makes a reservation and fails to show up without canceling within the resort’s specified timeframe, that passholder will forfeit one day’s lift ticket at that resort.

    The Indy Pass will make every effort to keep our passholders informed of which resorts are requiring reservations on which days but we recommend that you “Know Before You Go” and check with the resort that you plan to visit as early as possible.
  • Are reservations Limited at any Indy resorts such as Powder Mountain?

    Powder Mountain, Magic Mountain and perhaps a couple of other resorts will limit the number of daily visitors and season passholders in order to create an exceptional experience for all of their guests. At these mountains we encourage you to reserve your spot early in order to secure a day that you won’t soon forget.
  • How do I purchase an AddOn pass?

    1. Click the Buy Now button at top of page 2. Select Indy AddOn Passes starting at $89 3. Select Adult $189, Kids $89 or AddOn+ $289 (no blackouts) and complete your purchase 4. Season Pass upload functionality will be available soon. As soon as it goes live, you will receive an email alert to select your home mountain from a drop down menu and upload a photo of your season pass or receipt from your season pass that includes your name. 5. Once we receive your season pass proof of purchase we will activate your Indy Pass and it will be valid for two days at all resorts except your home mountain.
  • Can anyone purchase an AddOn pass?

    Proof of season pass purchase (either a photo of your pass or receipt from your home resort) must be uploaded to your account in order to activate your Indy AddOn Pass. AddOn Passes are not valid at your home resort Season passes must be unrestricted to qualify. Midweek and night-only passes do not qualify. You have until December 31, 2021 to upload your season pass proof of purchase. Please allow up to two days for processing. If you decide not to purchase a season pass you may upgrade your AddOn pass to a regular Indy or Indy+ for the difference in cost at the time of upgrade plus a $10 service fee. No refunds will be given and passes may not be transferred. Kids must also have a season pass to qualify for AddOn pricing. Unrestricted employee season passes are eligible.
  • Is there a buyer assurance plan in case I can’t use my pass?

    Our COVID inspired pass assurance program has changed for the ‘21-22 season. If you are not able to use your pass at all, we will provide you with a 10% credit towards a pass for the 22-23 season. No refunds will be issued for non-use due to any reason.

    You may, however, purchase a pass protection policy for $25 that guarantees you a full refund for up to one year after your purchase date if you don’t use your pass - no questions asked. If you choose to renew your pass instead you will receive a $25 discount on a new pass.
  • What kind of safety precautions will be in place at Indy resorts?

    Our resorts partners' top priority is the safety of guests and staff. Although we all hope that COVID restrictions will be less stringent next season, our resorts reside in 29 different states and provinces and protocols and regulations will vary widely. However, we anticipate that all resorts will be following the National Ski Areas Association Ski Well, Be Well guidelines for best operating practices.
  • Will the price for the Indy Pass increase later?

    Due to the overwhelming demand for the Indy Pass and access to ski resorts across the country in 20-21, we have been forced to limit the number of passes we can sell at our early-bird pricing. This will allow us to preserve the daily ticket yield our partner resorts earn and enhance your experience by not over-crowding their slopes.
  • Is there a discount for students, military, or seniors?

    Sorry, but we do not offer a discount to students, military, or seniors off the low Indy Pass price.
  • Is there a group discount for bulk purchases?

    At this time we are not able to offer a group discount on our early-bird pricing.
  • Can I give the pass as a surprise gift?

    It's easy to give the Indy Pass as a gift. Just assign the passholder name at checkout. If the person is age 18+, an email will be sent instructing them to sign the waiver once you complete the purchase. If the person is under 18 (19 in Canada) a legal guardian must sign the waiver.If you want to surprise someone with an Indy Pass, do not include their email when setting up their account and instead enter your own. When you’re ready to give the gift, allow them to sign into the account, change the email address to their own, upload image and sign the waiver.You can download and print a graphic image of an Indy Pass Gift Card here.
  • Can I use all of my days at one resort?

    No. The Indy Pass can only be redeemed for two free day tickets, one day at a time, at each partner resort.
  • Do my redeemed lift tickets have to be used sequentially?

    No. You can redeem your two free day tickets at each of the resorts any day throughout each resort’s operating season. The only exceptions to this are blackout/holiday restrictions as noted above.
  • I’ve already purchased a season pass at an Indy Pass resort, do I get the two free days at the other resorts?

    Sorry, the Indy Pass is separate from a season pass at participating resorts. However, you may purchase a discounted Indy AddOn Pass if you’re an unrestricted season pass holder at any Indy Pass resort. The price for an AddOn Pass is:

    • Indy Pass $189
    • Indy+ $289
    • Kids Indy Pass $89
    • Kids Indy+ $139

    Note: Indy Pass AddOns will be valid for two free days at all resorts EXCEPT your home resort where you have a season pass. Also, your season pass must be a full, unlimited season pass - midweek, spring season or other restricted passes do not qualify. This offer is also valid for employee season pass holders.

    In order to make upgrades to our online purchase and verification system, the Indy AddOn Passes will NOT go on sale until July 1 when we will guarantee the above pricing for a limited time.
  • Will I be charged for an RFID card at individual resorts?

    Yes, some Indy resorts use RFID systems and charge a small, one-time fee - usually $5 or less - for an RFID pass that will allow you to access lifts. You can reload your RFID card each day you visit the resort by going to the ticket window and checking in.
  • I did not receive a confirmation email. What should I do?

    Many times, confirmation emails are caught in spam filters and they may be found in your Spam Folder. Do a search of your received emails From: [email protected]

    If you still can’t find your confirmation email, notify us at [email protected] and we’ll let you know if your pass has been activated.
  • Is there a discounted Spring Pass?

    Yes, the Indy Spring Pass will go on sale on February 28 and will provide two days at each of our resorts plus a third day at 25% off until the end of the current 2021-22 season. Pricing and other details on the Spring Pass will be announced in February.
  • What is the last date of the 21-22 season I can use my Indy Pass?

    The Indy Pass is valid at all resorts that remain open through April 30, 2022.
  • Does Indy Pass work with charities and/or non-profits?

    Indy Pass is committed to supporting snow sports related non-profit organizations in the communities we serve. Typically our support will involve the donation of a pass or providing a discount promo code. However, due to our start-up status and the limit on how many complimentary passes we can issue, not all requests can be granted.To request a donation, please send us a 50 word description of your organization and in 50 words or less describe why you need an Indy Pass donation to [email protected] Your request will be reviewed and a response given within one week.Thanks for your interest in the Indy Pass and for all that you do for snow sports in your community.